Month: June 2017

5 Ways to Grow Your Worship Team

Over the past 10 years I’ve had the privilege of being part of worship teams all around the country. Now as a Worship Pastor of a growing church, I often am asked “How are you growing your worship team?”

So I thought I would share with you 5 simple ways to grow your team.

Build the Culture

When we talk about building the culture we want to first talk about having a vision for your worship team.So ask yourself this question. Why should people want to be on the worship team? By sharing the vision, your team will know if this is something that they can get behind or not.  Do not be afraid to lose teammates over casting a vision. King Solomon said it best, “People without a vision will perish.” So, what kind of culture do you want to build?

Worship Team Commitments

Worship team expectations or team commitments are essential for building your worship team.  It is a way for people to not only see the vision of the team, but to also have a good idea of what they are getting into and what is expected of them. You may also want to include a vision statement as well as a list of your team believes. i.e. We believe every week something powerful happens when we worship Jesus.

Ask People to Join

There is a true and real statement in the worship world when talking about worship teams, “Excellence Attracts Excellence”! Though this is true, the simple truth is people want to be asked. Try not to assume they don’t want to play with the team. Maybe they are just waiting for someone to ask them? You never know until you ask.

All Team Nights

As a volunteer at our church, you are not just on a team but you are part of a worship family. We love to get together and one way we do this is by having All Team Nights.  This consists of all our worship and tech team coming together once a quarter.  We have a time of worship and encouragement. We talk about upcoming events as well as changes that we are going to be making. This is truly a great time for the whole team to be unified.

Build a Lead Team

If you can, build a lead team. This is so key as it helps cast the vision and unite. Your lead team will also be able to see things that you as a worship leader may not see.  They will help you dream and implement new ideas that you may not be able to implement yourself.

Try to find a time, each month, to sit down over coffee or a meal and talk about how things are going. Always try and answer the question, “Are we better than we were 3 months ago?” Trust me when I say this is a game changer!

Written by Derek Harsch. Derek is the Marketing Director of Froot Group, a worship staffing and consulting company.

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The Power of Excellence

I’m a perfectionist! It’s one of my greatest assets and one of my greatest struggles! Perfection is actually not a healthy goal. It’s actually not even a healthy mindset. And it’s definitely not biblical. So why do we strive to be perfect, when we know for a fact it’s unachievable? I mean the reason that Jesus gave his life for us was to be the perfect sacrifice that He knew we could never and would never be. So why do so many of us struggle so much with this ideal of perfection? Because it’s Godly, and we are called to live a holy and pleasing life? Maybe?

So how do we shift our perspective and objective to be healthy and pleasing, rather than unhealthy and trapping? The answer is something I’ve spent years learning… excellence. Excellence vs perfection is something that will release you from disappointment, shame, guilt and  burn out. Not only as a human being, but as a team and even a church.

Working out the freedom of excellence is a very important lesson to learn! Excellence is simply doing the best you can, bringing your best offering, working to be the best you can be at your gift, calling, job! And letting go of unrealistic expectations, so that you are free from burning out or giving up on some impossible goal you may never achieve.

A mentor once told me “the only person you can compare yourself to is the you that you were yesterday.” This is a mantra I carry with me! As long as I’m trying to be better today than I was yesterday at the task at hand or the gift I find myself using, I’m doing okay!

Cultivating this mental shift within yourself and your team, will release an atmosphere of excitement, learning, and grace! You will ignite a passion for the things you can achieve and set goals that you work towards with realistic standards. The end result will be a much healthier mental space, a much healthier team, and a much healthier church!

So release yourself and your team from perfection and strive for excellence and see how God will work in and through you!

Written by: Kelli Wright

Kelli is the Consulting Director at Froot Group, a worship staffing and consulting company.