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Welcome to our first ever “Churches Praying for Churches” blog series. Each week, we’ll feature a new church and introduce you to some of the new and exciting things that’s taking place within it’s doors and within their community. All of our churches have the same mission and it’s to proclaim the gospel and make disciples. We’re all engaged in the same kind of work! Let’s use this opportunity to encourage and pray for each other. If you would like your church to be featured and for us to pray for your church, please comment below with the name and location of the church.

Church Name: Branchline Church

Pastor: Joe Hannah

Location: Hastings, MN


Branchline Church, led by Pastor Joe Hannah, is a Converge church that exists to connect people to a growing relationship with Jesus. Their atmosphere is laid-back, warm and friendly. They want people to come as they are and to feel at home. They recently went thru a complete brand redesign and it looks amazing! What’s the story behind their name? In railroad terms, the branch line is a rail line that branches off from the main line into the small towns. In the same way, you and I are like this branch line, created to produce life by connecting with our main life line—Jesus Christ.

We love this! Have a look at their website and social media to learn more.

We’re so excited for what’s to come in 2019 for Branchline Church!

“Churches Praying for Churches” is a blog series at Come along side of us to pray for these churches. Let us know that you’re praying with us by commenting below.

If you would like your church featured in the “Churches Praying for Churches” series, comment below with the churches name and location. 

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