Six Mistakes Many Search Committees Are Making Today

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  1. Taking too long
  2. Playing candidates off one another
  3. Not doing background checks: legal, social media, credit;
  4. They are not asking “#MeToo” questions
  5. Not providing clarity to internal candidates
  6. They are not communicating sufficiently to the congregation

Some highlights from today’s Rainer Report:

  • There is no reason why it should take as long as it normally does to fill pastoral vacancies.
  • You should always run legal, social media, and credit background checks on potential pastors before hiring them.
  • Pastors, your social media footprint will follow you throughout life. Don’t do stupid.
  • You don’t have to give all the details of a pastor search to a church, but the congregation needs ongoing updates.
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Article taken from and written by Tom Rainer. Thom is the founder and CEO of Church Answers, and online community and resource for church leaders. 

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