Christmas…More Than a Bad Blind Date

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While in college, my roommate convinced me to go on a blind date with someone he knew. While reluctant, I agreed and went on the date. To my surprise, she was very pleasant to be with and I enjoyed my time with her. So we tried a second date, but she talked only about her problems and the things that annoyed her. On the third date, she talked about everyone else’s problems and what annoyed them. There was no fourth date. What happened? The girl I enjoyed being with on the first date did not show up to the second or third. I tried to understand what happened, but after finding out more about her, it was definitely not the same girl from the first date. That girl didn’t exist.

Too often churches treat Christmas much the same way. Everyone knows that a large number of people only attend church on Easter and Christmas. And yet pastors treat these dates like bad first dates, not representing who they really are. I’m not suggesting completely ignoring the holiday, but so many times the “special” service is completely different than any other Sunday. We think that they will better enjoy just singing carols, a special presentation by the kids or students, and a short Christmas thought.

Instead, churches should be who they are while acknowledging the special day. Have real worship and not just Christmas songs. Preach good Biblical truths and not just tell the Christmas story. Let churches be who they are and do what they do, and share Jesus in they way they know and do best. You might be surprised and see those visitors more than twice a year.


Written by Dr. Dave Feltman

Dave is on staff at Froot Group as a Search Coach. Dave brings 20+ years of worship leading experience and 7+ years of executive pastoring experience to the staffing team.

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