New Beginnings.

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As I take a look back at 2016, I see how clear the Lord seemed to make the path for Froot Group & MinistryJobs. It blows my mind to think about where the company was a year ago and where I thought we would be today. At our last staff meeting, I shared with the team some of these memories as we reminisced about our goals and past experiences that 2016 so graciously gave us. We talked about how some of these experiences helped us shape our structure while maintaining our foundation. We shared ideas on how we can stay innovative while sticking with our passion that helped create this company in the first place. Simply put, our main topic in this meeting was how can we do an even better job placing great worship leaders with amazing churches in 2017. After putting a full year under our belts, we decided to create a vision. It’s our desire to provide EXPERTISE for staffing worship leaders, while remaining FLEXIBLE to church’s specific needs with an unparalleled COMMITMENT.”


This past year, we took many strides towards this vision such as rolling out our “Meet the Team” package. This is a package where we visit a church for a weekend and get to know the DNA and staff of the church. It allows us to meet their team and for the church to meet us. After our visit, we’ll create a report for church’s, displaying our findings from our weekend visit. This will give the church some direction to making a better hire – either thru working with Froot Group or by going it alone.


We made a huge jump forward when we acquired This job board reaches beyond our vision to stay in just the niche area of finding jobs for worship leaders. The idea of marketing your resume (as a candidate) and posting your open positions (as an employer) is beyond what we ever could have done through our own resources and networks.


From adding different resources and packages to adding new team members, 2016 has been extremely good to us. We give 100% credit to the Lord!


You are probably curious as to what is in store for 2017. Let me share a bit of what we’re planning to further our vision even more this year.


First, we will be looking to hire five new team members to Froot Group: 3 Search Coaches, a Director of Consulting, and a Marketing Director. These positions will open throughout the year, but we will be taking resumes at As our company expands, we want to add some key and instrumental people to our team.


Next, we will be dedicating much of our time to making one of the top ministry job boards used by churches and Christian organizations across the country. Our vision is to make this site as user friendly as possible, while allowing employers to get the most bang for their buck out of our packages. We are daily increasing our social media presence which will make each job listing as visible as possible.


Finally, we will be rolling out a brand new package called the College Graduate Search Program (CGSP). If a church is looking for a college graduate as a worship leader, CGSP will be a cost effective and less time consuming process rather than going forward in a full search with Froot Group. We’re partnering with colleges and universities to provide us with students or recent alumni who are looking for full time worship leader positions. This will attract more churches and therefore open up more job opportunities for students. The benefit that students will have, other than our services being 100% free, is that Froot Group will provide them with a full church profile. This will ensure that a student does not take a job blindly, as many do with their first or second position they accept.


We’re very excited as Froot Group will be celebrating it’s one year anniversary on January 20th. I love every second that I get to spend on Froot Group and MinistryJobs and cannot wait to launch our new resources and introduce our new staff members. Thank you for taking time to read about some of the new things we have coming up. May the Lord bless you in everything that you do.


Written by: Alex Purtell,

Alex is the founder of Froot Group, a worship staffing company.

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