Redemption Hill Church

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Each week, we feature a new church and introduce you to some of the new and exciting things that’s taking place within it’s doors and within their community. All of our churches have the same mission, however, and it’s to proclaim the gospel and make disciples. We’re all engaged in the same kind of work!

Let’s use this opportunity above all to encourage and pray for each other. If you would like your church to be featured and for us to pray for your church, please comment below with the name and location of the church.

Church Name: Redemption Hill Church

Senior Pastor: Tanner Turley

Location: Medford, MA


Redemption Hill Church is ready for a full summer as they’re diving deep as they serve within their community. Pastor Turley leads Redemption Hill with his passion rooted in connecting people within the community and helping them discover God’s design for their lives. When you visit Redemption Hill, you can expect reverence and relevance.  They exist to glorify God by living out His mission as a community transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pray for their summer outreach and service within their community. We ask that they would shine and be a light to the people they come in contact with. Pray that they would point people to Christ in all they do. Also, for new leaders that are coming on board to serve. Pray that the on-boarding and training up of these leaders is God ordained. We ask that God would increase their harvest season and that more people would come to Christ thru what is being taught within the walls of the church. Pray for the leaders and teachers that are training up and discipling these new believers.

May their words and actions be of God and that these new believers would want to know more about Christ because of what they’ve seen or heard.

“Churches Praying for Churches” is a blog series at Come along side of us to pray for these churches. Let us know that you’re praying with us by commenting below.

If you would like your church featured in the “Churches Praying for Churches” series, comment below with the churches name and location. 
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