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It has been an exciting two months for the Froot Group team since the launch of the new Ministry Jobs website! As the founder of the company and as a worship staffing search coach, I’m not sure I could be more blown away by the website’s numbers since the acquisition. I am proud to say that is quickly becoming the fastest growing Christian job board on the internet, and I have to credit blogging for a good percentage of the traffic.

We have been blessed to have some incredible blogs and fantastic content lined up for the next several months, but we would like to extend that to those who either have written and published blogs already, or those who would like to write blogs to be exclusively on We see the value in having several writers with many different backgrounds and experiences. So even if you have never written a blog before, consider sharing your expertise with an audience who is either looking for a new job, or is simply just someone working in ministry that can use some encouragement or new tips!

Send us an email at if you are interested in blogging with us and attach either a blog you have written or a draft. We look forward to hearing from you!

Written by: Alex Purtell

Alex is the founder of Froot Group, a worship staffing company that recently acquired

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