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Did 2020 cause you to stop dreaming, to stop thinking big?  

It has for many. 

It’s why a setback can be a big opportunity. 

While many have stopped dreaming, you still can. 

It’s why we’re encouraging every pastor to re-engage with thinking big and envisioning what could be in 2021. 

That’s what followers of Jesus do.


Jeff Henderson of the FOR Company says,

We own a space in the land of possibility.

We lease a space in the land of reality.

We don’t deny reality but we don’t let reality define us.


Begin your envisioning process of thinking big and crafting plans to bring those thoughts to reality.

Craft your plans because a dream without a plan of action is a nightmare. 

Step ONE: Reflect on 2020. 

Ok, I know. No one wants to spend time reflecting on 2020. 

But carving out time to process these questions will be a great first step toward your 2021 planning. 

Start with the following questions to guide your reflection (with a minimum of 10 minutes). Set a timer for ten minutes, and start reflecting now.

Don’t procrastinate.

  • What were three wins in 2020? 

  • List seven events, people or memories you are grateful for in 2020. 

  • In what area of your life do you have the most momentum? 

  • How can you keep that momentum in 2021? 

  • What is the most positive habit in your life at the moment? 

  • What one habit do you wish you could change in 2021? 

  • Who is sharpening you to be the person you want to become, and how can you spend more time with them in 2021?

  • What one thing, if it got better, would make the biggest difference in 2021?


After just ten minutes, you will have taken a big step forward toward making 2021 a great year.

As you’re reflecting on 2020 what can you learn about how you engage with people who are not like you and how you are making disciples?

In my ten minutes of reflecting, I thought of those who are sharpening me to be the person I want to become. 

So take TEN and own space in “the land of possibility.” 

And while you’re at it, take an additional 90 seconds and check out the FOR page. Does your community know what your church is FOR? Jeff can help you with that. 

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Bob Jones is the founder of REVwords.com, an author, blogger, and coach with 39 years of pastoral experience. Bob is also an Advance Coach with the ABNWT Resource Centre. You can connect with Bob here.

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