8 Things To Consider As You Manage Remote Employees

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8 Things To Consider As You Manage Remote Employees

I pray your church is doing well and managing through this new normal of uncertainty.

I know it has not been easy learning to have virtual church services, adjusting budgets to fit new giving trends, and managing employees from afar.

As you continue to manage remote employees, try to be aware of how they are managing this new normal, and work to provide the support and resources they will need until they can return to the office.

8 Things To Consider As You Manage Remote Employees

1. Communication

Church leaders understand the importance of communication.

Now is the time to take communication up a notch and communicate, communicate, communicate.

Talk to employees and ask their preferred communication method.

For instance, some employees need the social aspect of communicating.

Offer an option to do a Google chat or Zoom call for those social styles that crave interaction.

Communicate via technology with those employees who prefer that format.

Set up times to chat on email or messenger.

Find the preferred method and then determine the appropriate frequency for interactions.

Let employees know how often you will be communicating and what you will be asking to talk about.

Try to remember; more is always better!

2. Mental Health

Many employees have been thrown into the drastic change of working from home, learning to homeschool children, and trying to juggle the new norm.

Be aware of the stress and challenge employees are experiencing and provide resources to help them manage.

For instance, sometimes, employees simply need to talk about their struggles.

Provide a resource for employees to discuss their challenges.

This resource can be an organized zoom call with a pastor, a trusted mental health professional, or a support group with other employees.

Regardless, employees benefit from sharing challenges and learning coping skills from others.

Remind them of God’s promises with Bible verses about stress and anxiety.

Support their mental health, and you support the employee.

3. Resources

Employees who don’t typically work from home are not equipped with a comfortable workspace.

Make sure employees have access to fast internet, a working computer, and any other necessary office equipment.

For instance, if your accounting staff is now required to work from home, make sure they have a working printer and scanner to help them process weekly contributions.

Also, make sure there is technical support if employees have technical issues with their WiFi, computer, or other office equipment.

Downtime from technical issues is a waste of time.

Manage this by providing that support.

4. Balance

Employees are juggling a lot.

Help them with balance by allowing flexibility in their schedule and reinforcing your commitment to work-life balance.

Particularly during this time when employees are carrying so many additional responsibilities.

For instance, if employees are now responsible for homeschooling their children, allow them to modify their work hours, so they have the option to work evenings or weekends.

5. Reassurance

These are uncertain times for everyone and no one really knows how life as we knew it will look when the dust finally settles.

Be aware that employees have these concerns.

Share with them the steps the church is taking to manage its operation during this pandemic so they don’t worry about being let go.

Reassure them by reminding them that God is in control and He will work all things out.

6. Listen To Employee Concerns

Life is different when you work from home so talk to employees and ask them how you can help.

Listen to any concerns they have and follow up by either addressing their concerns or explaining why the problem can’t be fixed.

For instance, if employees have an old laptop that keeps crashing, work quickly to either get the laptop fixed or send them a new one.

Remember, it is better to not ask the question than to ask the question and not follow up with a resolution.

7. Try Not To Micromanage

Try to remember that just because you can’t see employees working doesn’t mean they aren’t productive.

Give employees the benefit of the doubt about how they manage their time and focus on ensuring they meet job requirements.

Be more concerned with getting the job done than the actual time they are working.

For instance, if a team member is responsible for updating the website weekly, focus on making sure it is updated by a predetermined day of the week, rather than what they are doing every day to get that done.

8. Be Available

Great managers have open-door policies, and now is the time to practice that management model.

You will hopefully connect with employees daily.

However, you should also reassure employees that you are there to help.

Allow them the flexibility to reach out when they have an issue or a barrier to getting the job done – even if your phone meeting was a few hours ago.

As the new norm continues, take the time to talk to employees, support their personal and mental health needs, and you will find that your team is productive amidst this new work from home model.

This too shall pass! God bless you for all you do!

Article was borrowed from Smart Church Management. To find out more about Patricia, click here

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