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    What Ministry Jobs Offers

    We already know you bring a lot to the table, so here’s what we bring.


    We totally get it: Ministry jobs are hard to come by, and job hunting is no fun. We help ministry job-seekers find their ideal role in their next ministry. For free.


    We help churches, parachurch organizations, and other ministries get job openings in front of potential candidates. We have several plans and packages available.


    Our detailed resume/profile helps our candidates put their best foot forward, while ministries get everything they need to know before they move forward on a hire.


    Our pricing plan for job postings is simple and straightforward: List for 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. If you want to list more jobs or to feature a job, just add it as-needed. No surprises, asterisks, or “gotcha” fees.


    We all know the power of a good reference. That’s why we make it easy to share all of our job listings via social media. Because, even though Mike may not be looking for that pastor job, he might know someone who is.


    Whether someone is checking out your job posting or your resume, we make it easy for you to keep tabs on it. Your custom notifications pop up every time you log in, so you can see what happened while you were busy dreaming about the future.


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    Mistakes Churches Make During the Search Process

    Churches lose staff for all sorts of reasons. So what does a church do to find a new staff? How does a congregation initiate an effective search process? As in most things, planning the process and a lot of prayer will pay great dividends through the process of finding the right staff member. Sometimes though,

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    6 Mistakes in Employee Reference Checking

    A bad hire can result in a lot of negative implications for an organization so it’s important to get it right. Though you may be in a hurry to to fill a position, employers should avoid rushing the hiring process or skipping important steps such as checking references. Here are some of the most commonly made

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    How to Tell If Your “Right Fit” Is Wrong

    Finding the right-fit employees is key to any organization. It’s not uncommon to find organizations with a revolving door in the HR Department because finding ‘right-fit employees’ can be difficult. Here are a few red flags that indicate you employee might not be in the right job. ******************************************************************* Attitude Work habits Unwilling to do the job

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    Part of the Froot Group family.

    Ministry has never been easy. That’s why we started Froot Group: To offer consulting services to help grow churches and leaders. To book worship leaders to lead churches when they need it. To help churches make a great staff pick for their next worship leader. Bottom line, we help churches and worship leaders spend less time stressing and more time doing what they’re called to do…Producing fruit for God.