Calling Position Description


The vision of Fathers in the Field Ministry is to equip Churches who will engage outdoorsmen and other hobby enthusiast in their church to intentionally mentor fatherless boys directly in their community.   We are not a para-Church ministry, rather a turn-key mentoring structure providing churches and men the tools necessary to use their passion of the outdoors to compassionately share the power of forgiveness and their love of the Heavenly Father with fatherless boys in their community.   This position is part of a national movement to enroll 2,500 churches and engage 10,000 men in an intentional mentoring relationship by 2025.   Specifically, the Regional Missionary is responsible for equipping churches in their area by sharing the epidemic of fatherlessness, forging meaningful relationships and being an advocate for the fatherless in his region’s communities.


This missionary position requires a uniquely gifted and dynamic individual – one who has character, confidence, charisma and high energy to inspire individuals to come alongside him as missionary financial supporters, Pastors / Church Champions and Mentor Fathers.  His personal interests should include the outdoors and must have a passionate heart for “standing up for” the fatherless.  (Isaiah 1:17) (Jeremiah 5:28)

Major Responsibilities

  1. Assess the market:                                                                                                                                     Conduct a thorough review of the local church community and its various ministries in your area. Identify the churches that are ready to engage immediately with our ministry and others worth pursuing right away for near-term engagement.
  2. Connect with key leaders in churches:
    Identify and recruit leaders within individual churches whom you can obtain a commitment to become the local Church Champion, a Mentor Father, prayer partner or supporting member of the ministry.
  3. Recruit churches:                                                                                                                         Proactively connect with and engage church leaders and pastors regarding the Biblical mandate to directly engage the fatherless – not just in far off lands – but also be hands on with a local mercy ministry.
  4. Secure / Sustain Donors:                                                                                                                   Secure adequate funding status through effective missionary support / donor relationships and Church Mission Committees. Manage the budget with wise stewardship and prayerful decisions.
  5. Communicate/Exhort/Encourage/Sell:
    Effectively present and coach leaders in how to implement and successfully execute the 3 year ministry mentoring program within their church and community.  Passionately present and expose the devastating effects of Fatherlessness to the Church, Men’s groups, civic groups, supporter, etc. using the various videos and other written communication tools provided.
  6. Build and maintain a meaningful network:
    Continue to build meaningful relationships with churches, and provide ongoing information, assistance and support as they implement the mentoring ministry. Serve as an engaging role model and reliable, capable resource.
  7. Measure/ROI/Results:                                                                                                                                     Be accountable for solid execution against pre-identified goals/targets and implementation plans, and demonstrate these results through pre- and post-church assessments and ongoing status/progress reports.
  8. Organization:                                                                                                                                                   Build and maintain transparent, collaborative, and effective working relationships within their area and with the leadership and other team members of the Fathers in the Field Ministry.



  • A passion for men’s ministry within the local church; experience a plus.
  • High Biblical standards of leadership, integrity, morality, and faithfulness.
  • Personal passion and affinity for the Outdoors / Hunting.
  • Willing to focus on essentials and not emphasize or champion points of theology outside our statement of faith; sensitive to denominational differences.
  • Results-oriented and a self-starter with a strong work ethic
  • Willingness to travel 30% of time.
  • Has a professional presence and poise; conveys credibility and commands attention.
  • Able to build and maintain financial self-support within predefined parameters.
  • Experience in developing and delivering successful presentations to small and large groups
  • Able to create systems and processes for implementation, documentation and measurement.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and an engaging communication style.
  • Relates well to and effectively demonstrates genuine care for people.
  • Proficient in Microsoft® Office and able to use current business / mobile technologies.
  • A college degree preferred.


The Regional Missionary is to work out of a home office as an independent contractor.   The RM will work full-time, including some weeknights and weekends, based on the availability of the pastors and leaders served. The Regional Missionary must be willing to travel within the Missionary’s assigned area and \ nationally at least one time each year.  Understands that 50% of time is engaging Churches and Men and 50% is raising missionary financial support for himself and to help ministry bring on additional missionaries as was the case with yourself. The Missionary receives a monthly support base, in addition to additional support, automotive and health insurance allowances, fuel, mobile phone and other travel related expenses reimbursed monthly.


  • Possess 3 – 5 years in a leadership position with a ministry, business or other organization.
  • Satisfy background and reference checks.
  • Secure the unconditional support of a local pastor and at least 2 other Christians.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage a personal and office budget so that income is commensurate with expenses and debt.
  • Agree with the Fathers in the Field Ministry “Statement of Faith’.
  • Pass the Preliminary Start Evaluation period
  • Possess a reliable car insured to the requirement to their State and maintain a current driver’s license


Near-Term Goal: Enroll a minimum of 100 churches (within denominational and geographical boundaries) and by raising sufficient ministry tithe support and charitable donation support as agreed upon when budget is set for the area. 


I have read and understand the missionary position description above and believe God is calling me into His service through the Fathers in the Field Ministry.  In addition, I have prayerfully considered this commitment and I have sincerely thought through this missionary undertaking to serve the fatherless, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and His Kingdom for His Glory and not my own.


  • Serve the Lord and Kingdom full-time in this wonderful and unique Men’s Ministry.
  • Earn a good and fair living while serving the fatherless in our own Country.
  • Structured compensation so not 100% dependent on Support Raised each month.
  • Expenses fully paid, no out of pocket expenses
  • Vehicle and Medical Allowances.

How To Apply

Send in a written Personal Testimony as well as a Calling Statement about your Call from the Lord to be a full-time Missionary in the US for the fatherless.  Send these two written statements along with a current resume to


More Information

  • Education Level na
  • Years of Experience 0-2
  • Ministry Size 0-100
  • Church Affiliation Non-Denominational
  • This job has expired!
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A National Ministry that by God’s grace is growing rapidly and now in 35 states.  Fathers in the Field is a complete turnkey Ministry Resourse, providing all the ministry tools and help the Church body to follow God’s heart in “Defending the cause of the fatherless” in each community.

Defend the cause of the Fatherless – ISAIAH 1:17



A repetitive theme throughout the Bible is that God Himself looks after the needs of the fatherless. The cause of the fatherless strikes at the very center of God’s heart and He has promised great rewards for those who defend the cause of the fatherless (Isaiah 1:17). Consequently, some of His harshest judgments are reserved for those who abuse or take advantage of the fatherless, and on those who sit idly by watching the abuse take place.

Fathers in the Field was established with the deep conviction to answer God’s call to defend the cause of the fatherless through the provision of godly mentoring fathers. The ill effects of growing up without a father upon the boy, the family and our society are profound.We are confident that through your faithful commitment to a fatherless boy that his future will be much brighter and that you will have the distinct privilege of introducing him to the Heavenly Father and to His Son, Jesus Christ.

For a boy who has been abandoned by his earthly father, hearing the healing and encouraging words that he has a Father in Heaven who created him, loves himandwill never forsake himis a powerful and grace-filled perspective.

For a Mentor Father to put his arm around his Field Buddy and tell the boy how proud he is of himfor learning new outdoor skills or for helping a widow in need, may be the turning point from the damaging effects and statistics caused by abandonment.

For the single mom to know that a godly man is helping guide her precious boy into authentic Christian manhood, is an answer to grief-filled prayers. And for your church, please understand that, as a church, you are fulfilling God’s call to reach out to help the fatherless and widows in your own neighborhood and community by sharing God’s truths and also demonstrating God’s mercy.


We also are men, like you, and bring good news: that you should turn from vain things to a living God who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them. – Acts 14:15 Fathers in the Field leads boys outdoors, away from distractions, where they can relate one-to-one with a man they admire. We seek boys aged 7 to 17, who urgently need male role models. We reach them through single mothers, eager to give sons a father figure – a role they cannot fill alone. We charge them nothing – we are funded by charitable sponsors and participating churches. We do require a three-year commitment (one year at a time) from participants, to provide constancy. We require that boys ‘earn’ the program’s blessings by serving others. Above all, we strive to impart unshakable faith in a Heavenly Father who will never abandon His children. I will be his Father, and he shall be My son. I will never take My love away from him… 1 Chronicles 17:13

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