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New Life Christian Church
Lead Student Minister

Job Title:  Lead Student Minister

Purpose Statement:  The Student Minister carries the primary responsibility to create a vision and implement strategies for students, families and the church to partner together so that students discover God, develop relationally and spiritually, and deploy into the community. This responsibility includes oversight of other student ministry employees and volunteers. The two primary goals of this position are to reach local youth leading them into a growing relationship with Christ and equipping parents to disciple their student ministry aged children.

This person is a minister with passion for Jesus Christ and New Life Christian Church. He/she is enthusiastically focused on New Life’s mission to make disciples who make disciples who start churches that start churches.  He/she is a proven team player who possesses a positive attitude, interpersonal skills required to attract and disciple students, and can excel in a fast-paced, energetic and team environment.

Staff Expectations:

  1. Live committed to our mission of “making disciples who make disciples who start churches that start churches” by personally living life in 3D (Discover, Develop, Deploy) and embodying our values (fun, safety, honor, risk, next steps).
  2. Abide by the New Life employee handbook including staff team values.
  3. Regularly attend Sunday services at a New Life campus.
  4. Contributes to the team spirit of the staff through fellowship, encouragement, cooperation, and prayer.

General Responsibilities:


  1. Carries overall leadership for Student Ministry within the community of New Life Christian Church working within the church’s mission, vision, and values (Vision Frame) to make disciples of students who make disciples of students and are prepared to become adults who make disciples who make disciples
  2. Evaluates the evolving needs of Student Ministry working with the Executive Minister, Campus Pastors, the Family Minister(s), and Student Ministry volunteers to continually improve and grow the student ministry
  3. Create and develop an effective Volunteer Leader Recruitment, Training and Development plan
  4. Creates and executes strategies to connect local students as well as disconnected students at New Life to the student ministry
  5. Organize and maintain Student Ministry Budget
  6. Coordinate with nZone(s) for programming and ways Student Ministry can partner with nZone activities to both serve the nZone’s purposes and grow the Student Ministry


  1. Oversees Student Ministry Volunteer Coordination at New Life
  2. Work with Student Ministry volunteers to set goals and make sure the vision is accomplished
  3. Oversees the annual strategic planning process
    1. Coordinate the yearly calendar (includes weekend trip(s) and weeklong summer trip(s))
    2. Ensure the values and mission of New Life are accounted for and included
    3. Work with the Campus Pastors and Family Minister(s) to make sure programming conflicts do not happen
    4. Develop curriculum for the year
  4. Build solid relationships with the New Life Staff Volunteers and nZone Staff
    1. Ensure consistent communication
    2. Encourage teamwork and support
    3. Provide leadership and facilitate the nurture of all staff members


  1. Begin and develop relationships with Students
    (including students who attend New Life as well as students who do not currently attend New Life by following Christ’s model of incarnational ministry of going where students are to minister to them)
  2. Oversees Students Ministry Staff and Volunteers
  3. Works with nZone Staff for scheduling and use for the nZone
  4. Works with all ministry areas to achieve the mission of the church
  5. Build relationships with Parents


  1. Remain current on literature, trends and practices in Student Ministry.
  2. Support other ministries by leading students in serving the local community and body of Christ.
  3. Other duties as assigned


  1. A mature, growing believer with a clear understanding of the Gospel.
  2. Committed to spiritual integrity and authentic relationships.
  3. Effective communication skills (oral and written).
  4. Casts vision in a compelling way.
  5. Committed to our community and culture.
  6. In agreement with our doctrine, mission, and values.
  7. Can both lead and thrive in a team-based environment.
  8. Can manage multiple priorities.
  9. Teachable, responsive, respectful and can adapt with a fast-paced organization.
  10. 3-5 years leading Student Ministry
  11. Adaptable and shows initiative (self starter)
  12. Organizational Skills
  13. Experience with selecting and implementing curriculum (familiarity with “Orange Strategy” a plus)
  14. Conflict Management Skills

This is a full-time salaried ministerial position. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.



More Information

  • Education Level na
  • Years of Experience 0-2
  • Ministry Size 1000-1500
  • Church Affiliation Christian Church
  • This job has expired!
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New Life Christian Church (www.newlife.church) is one church in three locations. Two physical locations in Northern Virginia plus our online camps. We make disciples who make disciples who plant churches that plant churches. How do we do that? Well, we are all about, creating fun, safe environments where people discover God. No stuffy tie here. But what really sets us apart from other churches? Probably our values and how they led us to build a sports complex. But before we talk about the nZone, here are our values:

  • Safety: From guaranteeing the safety of children to ensuring a safe place to ask questions, New Life works hard to be a shelter in the storm of life. No perfect people are allowed at New Life. Come regardless of your hurts, habits and hang-ups. We’re a place full of messed up people.
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