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Job Title

Worship Arts Director

Main Goal

To provide spiritual leadership for Good New Church’s (GNC) worship services through the gift of music and prayer, sharing the Word of God and the Good News of Jesus Christ through the use of song, multimedia, visual and non-visual performance for the purpose of helping the congregation and community understand and experience the love of Christ and develop a strong foundation in faith.

Key Result Area #1: Leadership and Visioning

Supporting Goals: To give overall leadership and vision to the children, youth, and families attending GNC worship services in alignment with the mission of Good News Church.

Performance Standards:

A. Work with the lead pastor and worship planning team(s)in planning, developing, and refining the worship service and then communicate with the congregation.

B. Annually establish 2-4 ministry goals that align with the vision and mission.

C. Develop and implement plans to achieve specific ministry goals.

D. In conjunction with the lead pastor, oversee Sunday morning (and other services and special events) music ministry.

E. Lead worship, praise, play lead instrument, pray and sing for worship services.

F. Develop and/or work with others to develop media to be used during worship services.

G. Regularly pray for the ministry and volunteer servants for whom this position is responsible.

Key Result Area #2: Spiritual Development

Supporting Goal: To provide a strong, biblical approach to the spiritual development of our congregation and community.

Performance Standards:

A. Actively participate in opportunities that encourage growth as a spiritual leader.

B. Develop musical leaders and co-leaders (multi-generational) in spiritual ways.

C. Promote and establish participation in spiritual creativity through music—youth ministry, retreats, etc…

Key Result Area #3: Teamwork and Equipping

Supporting Goal: To build relationships in order to recruit, equip, and empower effective ministry teams for Sunday morning and/or week nights and special services, special events, community outreach, etc….

Performance Standards:

A. Prayerfully recruit and audition praise band members, volunteers, and/or musical guests for Sunday morning, week nights and special events.

B. Provide regular rehearsals for music volunteer servants.

C. Meet with the lead pastor/planning teams to pray, plan and coordinate worship a minimum of 3-6 months in advance.

D. Meet at least semi-monthly with executive pastor for accountability and direction.

Key Result Area #4: Administration

Supporting Goal: To provide administrative oversight and coordination of the worship service ministry programs and regularly communicate with congregation, church leaders and volunteer servants.

Performance Standards:

A. Use written, verbal and technological communication tools to effectively plan, organize and communicate with various teams.

B. Communicate at least monthly to provide updates on upcoming plans and events.

C. In consultation with the executive pastor request budget for and organize the purchase of audio/visual equipment for worship including but not limited to computers, sound equipment, microphones, amps, etc….

D. Oversee ordering of needed supplies, curriculum, and ministry materials, and maintain necessary supply inventory for media, and audio/visual equipment.

E. Coordinate and communicate all calendar events with the administration office.

Qualifications and Skills:
  • Must be a growing Christian with a deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ who is able to model this to others. This means a regular commitment to Bible reading, prayer, and sanctification as a Christian in all of life.
  • Must have a firm understanding and identity in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Must have a theological mindset that allows discernment on evaluating songs in light of the Gospel.
  • Must have a humble heart, willing to be “last” as a servant and to hear constructive feedback.
  • Must possess basic computer skills (e.g., word processing, music formatting, e-mail)
  • Must be growing in elder-like character, knowledge and skill (1 Tim. 3)
Atmosphere Desired:
  • Leading our church body into genuine worship.
  • Worship teams feeling supported, trained, valued, and cared for.
  • Worship kept vibrant by renewed vision, various forms and formats, and genuine worship from up front.
  • Musical worship being a focal point off our Sunday gatherings.
Reports to:

Works with the lead pastor to create a well-planned and prayerful worship service and reports to the executive pastor for accountability and development.

Compensation and Requirements:

This is a full time position.


Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Salary: Negotiable based on experience


Go to for full profile by Froot Group. Must apply through Froot Group.

More Information

  • Education Level Bachelors
  • Years of Experience 2-5
  • Ministry Size 251-500
  • Church Affiliation Reformed Church of America (RCA)
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