Woodcreek Church

Middle School Director

Middle School Director
Ministry Director
Reports to
High School Director

Ministry Summary

The Middle School Director oversees the overall ministry to students in 6th-8th grades.

Ministry Responsibilities

Administrate and lead the Middle School Ministry.

Plan and execute effective contact strategies with middle school students.

Develop and maintain a good relationship with parents through parent meetings and one-on-one interaction.

Actively pursue unchurched and fringe students on and off the church campus.

Actively evangelize and disciple middle school students.

Organize and lead weekly programming (Wednesday Nights, Bible studies).

Organize and lead mission trips and retreats.

Organize and lead special events (Nightro, Planet Wisdom, 8th Grade
Road Trip, etc).

Build adult and student leadership teams for the Middle School Ministry.

Develop and care for leaders.

Work collaboratively with the high school director and the youth team.


Additional Responsibilities

Attend weekly staff meeting.

Participate in “all staff” activities.

Works collaboratively with the staff team.

Years of Experience: 2-5 years
Education Level: Bachelors
Ministry Size: 1000-1500
Church Affiliation: Non-Denominational