MISSION: We exist to make Disciples who make disciples that know, reflect, serve and point to Jesus


·      We speak timeless truth in timely ways- biblical truth

·      We are messes becoming masterpieces- growth

·      We are connected beyond convenience- relationships

·      We need the next generation NOW- youth

·      We are contributors, not consumers- service

·      We are all missionaries- evangelism

·      We can do more by doing less- excellence

·      We commit to the future and celebrate the past- innovation

Pastor of Students and Family Ministries Position Summary


o   The Elders of Cornerstone are overall responsible for the ministry of the Church. They partner with the staff and are responsible for supporting, overseeing, and resourcing all staff positions

o   The Lead Pastor is responsible for supporting, overseeing, and resourcing this position on a Day to Day basis

o   The Pastor of Students and Family Ministries is responsible for supporting, overseeing, and resourcing the volunteers of Student and Kids Ministry

The Pastor of Students and Family Ministry is responsible for taking the mission and values of Cornerstone and implementing them personally in their own spiritual life, and practically in the Ministry of Cornerstone including: volunteers, students, parents, and kids. The Pastor of Students and Family Ministry operates in two similar, but distinct, spheres of influence; Student Ministry (6th-12th) and Kids Ministry (Birth-5th).

·   In Student Ministry, the Pastor’s primary relationships will be with Students (6th-12th) and Student Ministry Leaders. This Pastor will build relationships with students and is leader of leaders

·   In Kids Ministry, the Pastor’s primary relationships will be with Kids Ministry (Birth-5th) Leaders and volunteers. This Pastor is a champion of Kids ministry and resource for Kids Ministry Leaders

Pastor of Students and Family Ministries Responsibilities

This position is responsible for helping make disciples who make disciples. We break that down into four categories; KNOWING, REFLECTING, SERVING, and POINTING to Jesus.

Knowing Jesus (Written & Living Word)
·     Facilitate large and small gatherings for Students to hear biblical teaching and experience biblical worship

·     Teach Students how to personally study the Bible and use it devotionally to engage in worship throughout the week

·     Write, develop or acquire curriculum for teaching the entire Bible including the overarching narrative as well as theology and doctrine

·     Help Students articulate the gospel and the impact of it on their own lives (testimony)

·     Expose Students to a biblical worldview and how it differs from other prevailing worldviews

Reflecting Jesus (Inner Life & Outer Life)
·     Build a culture of prayer that enables Students to learn how to pray, be prayed for and in turn pray for their friends and family

·     Create opportunities in gatherings and groups for students to confess, repent and be baptized

·     Help Students to grow in holiness by exercising the spiritual disciplines and learning how to submit to and obey the Holy Spirit

Serving Jesus (Biological & Spiritual Families)
·     Cast a vision for what it means for Students to minister to their own families, including the value of coming to church together, studying and intentionally submitting to their parents and serving their siblings

·     Help facilitate events and materials that include parents and create an environment for families to explore faith and discipleship together

·     Lead Students through a process of discovery where they are able to understand how God has wired them to serve with their natural and spiritual gifts

·     Build a ministry where Students are actively involved and serving each other and the church

·     Include training on stewardship and caring for other believers

Pointing to Jesus (Words & Deeds)
·     Coordinate opportunities for Students to exercise compassion and love those who are in need like mission’s trips, serving with the Inner-City Mission, etc

·     Identify needs in our community and opportunities for Students to serve and minster to our community

·     Make praying for lost friends a priority

·     Create connection points like events, trips, or projects that can be first opportunities for those who are not part of the church to have a positive experience and develop relationships

Kids Ministry Partnership, Resourcing, & Care
·     Recruit, train, and oversee, Kid’s Ministry Volunteers

·     Work with the Elder’s and Lead Pastor to align Kid’s ministry with the rest of Cornerstone Community Church through yearly goal setting, strategy, and evaluation

·     Serve as the primary pastoral contact and resource for volunteers in Kid’s Ministry

·     Oversee the implementation of Birth-5th curriculum by Kid’s Ministry Volunteers

Event/Area Involvement
·     CIY Events: Move, Believe, SuperStart

·     LSCA (Church Camp)

·     FCA

·     Ministerial Alliance

·     Area Youth Ministers

Administrative & Pastoral Duties

·     Attend Elder Meetings as scheduled

·     Work with Lead pastor to make sure Student and Family Ministry is represented on Sunday morning and to the wider congregation

·     Shared Pastoral Care and Follow up with those in need

·     Manage Student and Kids Ministry budgets

·     Look for opportunities for professional training to continue growth of ministry skills

·     Provide supervision of Sunday Morning Kids Ministry and assist with guests, registration, logistics, and needs that arise

Group Activities

·     Work closely with the Student ministry team to coordinate event details including planning, communication, execution, clean up, and evaluation (Sunday Mornings and Weekly Activities)

Office Policies
·     Core office hours are 8am – 4pm, closed on Friday

·     Attend weekly staff meetings held by Lead Pastor

·     Communication through bulletin, newsletter, email or regular mail needs to be done in a timely manner


·     Coordinate schedules with the appropriate ministry teams, making sure all meetings do not overlap other events on the church calendar

·     Communicate appropriately with parents ahead of time: send detailed plans to parents for events with detailed dates and deadlines, with any changes communicated ASAP

·     Actively put together a yearly Student ministry plan and calendar

·     Assist Kids Ministry in yearly ministry plan and calendar

Years of Experience: 2-5 years
Education Level: N/A
Ministry Size: 101-250
Church Affiliation: Non-Denominational

About Cornerstone Community Church

Cornerstone Community Church is a non-denominational church that has been serving Auburn, Illinois and the surrounding communities since 1999. It was started by a small group of around ten families when they saw the need for a non-denominational church that focused on contemporary worship, community...

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