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“Your kindness might not move others – or even matter to them at all – but it’s still worth extending. It’s never a waste. The Lord himself receives it and treasures it as precious because it is a reflection of his own unilateral love for centers.”

Jared C Wilson, Professor at Spurgeon College

One thing that we have seen all over the world is that kindness is prevailing in uncertain times. People are coming together in the most unusual ways. Amid the fear that we see all over social media and the news, there has been a definite outpouring of community, love and support. Do something random – show kindness in unusual ways. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile. Donate to a charity. Arrange to have a video lunch with a co-worker. Offer support to your neighbors. It will help to try and see this as a different period of time in your life, and not necessarily a bad one. There are still lots of things that we can do for other people to inspire kindness in unforeseen times. 

What are ways you have shown kindness to others?

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