Family Church is seeking a motivated person to lead our Youth and College/Young Adult Ministries.


Our focus is on creating a community where students and young adults are growing together, being challenged to make their faith personal, and being sent to live out and share their faith with others.


*We want to make disciples of Jesus who will make disciples of Jesus.


About Family Church


How it all started…

Family Church started like many church plants…with a dream and a Bible study. That Bible study grew and so did the dream. A small group of people decided it was time to move from a Bible study to a church and began the process of forming Family Church.

Family Church was blessed to be able to purchase a church building in Zeeland Michigan from the Reformed Church in America. That church, Peace Reformed, had passed away a few years prior and we were excited to bring it back to life as a new non-denominational church called Grace Chapel.


Expanding the vision…

In 2017 Pastor Adam Grill began to cast a fresh vision for a church that would focus on teaching people how to Love God, Love People and Make Disciples of Jesus.

At the same time, we began the process of renovating the building God had given us. We wanted to create a kids & teen space that was unlike anything in our area! We wanted to create a church that felt like home as soon as you walked in.

So we hired the best tattoo artist in town and started on the kids and teens space! Volunteers began blowing out walls and transforming the rest of the church! You will have to come see it!!!


Where we are headed…

Jesus has been blessing this church beyond measure. The inside of our building is updated and amazing! We have moved from a Bible study to now 5 services! We have grown from a few people to now thousand + every week!


In 2020 we kept growing and actually launched a 2nd campus!  This is a strategic part of our vision at Family Church.  As we grow, we also want to keep the feeling of meaningful community where people can know one another and use their gifts to serve.  Rather than establishing one mega-church facility, we believe God wants us to produce multiple community churches.

As we move into the future we are expanding our missions’ efforts locally and around the world. We are also in the planning stages to update the exterior of our building.  We don’t know what all God has in store, but we hope to have you join us in building God’s Kingdom!






Youth Ministry Goals

We believe an effective youth ministry needs to engage students who are at different points in their spiritual journey – from not knowing Christ to growing as a follower of Christ to beginning to impact others for Christ.  By the time students graduate from high school, our goal is for them to make their faith and Christian walk their own.


Our specific youth ministry goals are:

·       For every student to be known and cared for in community.

·       For each student to have a meaningful relationship with at least one Christian adult who positively impacts their faith and helps them wrestle with what it looks like to live out their faith in today’s culture.

·       That students will be encouraged to use their gifts to serve in the church and the community.

·       That students will be given opportunities to lead and also have a voice through an active student leadership team.

·       That difficult cultural topics will be tackled so that students can talk through, think about and develop a Christian worldview about how to engage culture.

·       That the ministry will actively and appropriately engage students through social media and online tools.  Going forward, the ministry should continue to evolve and remain flexible to engage students where they are and how they communicate.

·       For parents to be equipped to help their students grow in faith and navigate the rapid changes they experience from middle school to high school to college and adulthood.


College/Young Adult Ministry Goals

We are looking to create a College/Young Adult ministry where young people can continue to make the transition from school to adulthood – a community where they can continue to grow and engage with each other in meaningful relationships.  The Pastor over this ministry will infuse life, energy and vision in order to gain traction and provide a continuum of ministry for those who have come through our church as well as those new to town for work or college.


Our specific College/Young Adult Ministry goals are:

·       To balance the social aspect with a healthy environment to challenge and support one another to continue growing in Christ.

·       To have a Groups element where young people can be vulnerable and transparent in an environment where accountability and encouragement are common.

·       To raise up and equip leaders from within the ministry so that there is a strong element of self-leadership within the ministry.



The Opportunity

Family Church desires to add a full-time Youth / Young Adult Pastor to our team.  Currently, our team consists of 5 full-time pastors along with many other amazing staff members and even more core volunteer leaders. Our incredible volunteer culture currently has 63 volunteers to each full-time staff person!


The Candidate

This Pastor needs to be someone who is comfortable overseeing this broad ministry.  They need to be able to both oversee ministry and step in and do ministry when it is required.  They should be gifted in areas of leadership, planning/organization, delegation, building a team of volunteers and connecting with families.  Having a love for students with an ability to relate to them as well as their parents is also a must.


A candidate who has had prior experience working in a youth & young adult ministry environment is a must.  The candidate should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.  A degree from an accredited Bible college with a major in biblical studies or a related field is preferred.


As a non-denominational church, we do not “require” our pastors be ordained through any specific denomination.  In fact, most of our pastors are affiliated with different denominations.  We do, however, want pastors to be ordained and have the ability to ordain/license pastors through our church. We would gladly walk you through our process of ordination here if desired.


The ability to work most weekends and some evenings is a requirement of this position.


Strong candidates should have:

·       A strong faith in Jesus Christ and a lifestyle honoring to God; a good overall Bible literacy to ensure curriculum and volunteer teaching does not stray from core doctrine (we use the Orange Curriculum).


·       High emotional intelligence along with an ability to handle sensitive and difficult situations with families.  We are conservative in our theology and approach to cultural trends.  Still, we seek to be welcoming to people from all walks of life and backgrounds, while guiding them closer to Jesus.


·       A strong ability to see the big picture, but also plan and organize the details while delegating execution to volunteers.


·       An ability to recruit, train, build into and coach a large team of volunteers.  This takes continual investment of relational time and energy in order to have a strong team.


·       Experience and comfort utilizing different social media platforms to communicate and engage students while effectively communicating the community and care aspects of the ministry.


·       An ability and desire to continuously learn and gain new skills as the ministry landscape changes.  Also, flexibility to adjust and change ministry methods to reach students and young adults in the most effective ways (a focus on results and mission over methods).


·       Strategic, high-level thinking skills to be able to help create and cast vision as part of the Leadership Team.  We want someone who not only represents the Youth and College/Young Adult Ministry areas, but also sees what’s best for the church as a whole.




Inquiry Process

If you have interest in the position and you feel you meet the qualifications, please submit the following information to our Lead Pastor, Adam Grill at adam@familychurch.app

·       Your resume.


·       References, including:  one supervisor, two past co-workers and one or two personal references.


·       Agreement with our Core Beliefs: https://familychurch.app/what-we-believe


·       Written/Typed responses to the following:

1)      Please provide a brief statement of how you came to faith in Jesus Christ. Please describe your current spiritual disciplines as well.


2)      Please outline your views on what the Bible says about marriage and divorce.


3)      Describe your leadership style.


4)      Tell us about your experience building volunteer teams.


5)      What have you done for self-improvement in the last 5 years?


6)      What are the most important aspects of an effective staff leadership team?


7)      What kinds of job duties should your employer not give you, those you don’t enjoy or areas at which you don’t excel?


8)      Describe a time when you had to address a difficult situation with parents of a student. How did you handle it and how did it turn out?


9)      Describe a big project you’ve led. What was your role organizationally? What was your role in leading people and a team?


10)   Talk about 3 significant relationships in your life besides God and your spouse (if you are married).


11)   What, in your opinion, are the key elements in regards to reaching students for Christ – what should a Youth Ministry approach look like?  Also, how do you know you are “winning” in Youth Ministry?


12)   What skills & gifts has God given you that make you well-qualified to do Youth Ministry?


13)   What are your views on the HOT cultural topics of the day? LGTQ+, BLM, Social Justice, Immigration and so on?


Job Description – Youth & Young Adult Pastor
Ministry Philosophy
Family Church exists to lead people to love God, love people, and make disciples of Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20).  Our vision is to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel and to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus who also make disciples of Jesus.  We are an inter-generational, multi-site, church with a rapidly growing student base and want to continue fostering the “family” feel.
Job Qualifications
§  Character

o   Love for youth and young adults and a desire to help them connect with God.

o   A desire to assist parents in helping their students grow in Christ.

o   Solid walk with Christ.

o   Emotionally healthy person who can deal with conflict with grace and accept constructive feedback.

o   A teachable spirit with a desire to continuously improve professionally.

§  Gifting & Skills

o   Strong relationships skills.

o   Leadership of others, which includes recruiting, mentoring, goal setting, providing feedback, and motivating others to achieve.

o   Results oriented.

o   Strong organizational skills to manage multiple ministry offerings, including some larger events, trips, etc.

o   Ability to delegate and lead – knows when to do and when to delegate.

o   Ability to engage & connect with students, young adults & families in a social media environment.

o   Competency to learn and utilize different software and systems (MS Word, MS Excel, email, church database, Power Point, Planning Center, Pro-Presenter, etc.)

§  Experience/Education

o   Strong biblical knowledge with proven ability to effectively teach teens – formal biblical or theological training at a college level is preferred.

o   Experience in pastoral or ministry leadership positions is preferred.

o   Experience working with volunteers and building teams.

o   Ability to handle organizational, budgeting, and administrative tasks.

Job Duties & Expectations
§  Regular tasks

o   Plan and execute weekend and mid-week youth & young adult ministries – including developing and leading a team of volunteers.

o   Infuse life, energy and vision into a College/Young Adult ministry – mentoring and leading young leaders to provide connection, community and growth.

o   Constantly have an eye on the first impression we are making with guests – have high expectations for consistently covering all possible connection points, creating an easy experience for a first-time guest.

o   Communicate regularly with volunteers to coordinate team coverage for each weekend and other ministry activities.

o   Organize activities, retreats, mission trips designed to engage & grow students.

o   Utilize appropriate & relevant curriculum for youth. (we use Orange Curriculum)

o   Teach as needed.

o   Create a digital ministry strategy to engage students & families (churched & unchurched) through social media.

o   Other job duties as assigned.


§  People

o   Recruit, train and equip volunteers.

o   Identify and mentor key volunteer leaders – pour into them so they can grow in their ability to pour into others.

o   Effectively engage teens and young adults on-site & online.

o   Find ways to equip parents both virtually & in-person.

o   Exhibit great relational ability and compassion – the ministry is about people.


§  Organizational

o   Provide input to and be conscious of the annual budget for ministry areas.

o   Actively participate in weekly staff meetings – not only representing this ministry area, but giving input to help the overall church continuously improve.

o   Participate on the church social media team.


Reports To
Next Generation Pastor

Average Hours
Full time salaried


Years of Experience: 5-10 years
Education Level: Bachelors
Ministry Size: 1000-1500
Church Affiliation: Non-Denominational

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About Family Church

About Family Church How it all started... Family Church started like many church plants...with a dream and a Bible study. That Bible study grew and so did the dream. A small group of people decided it was time to move from a Bible study to a church and began the process of forming Family Church. Fam...

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