Christ Church is looking for someone special to serve in ways that are foundational to all of our services.  We’re looking for a Technical Media Engineer.  This talented individual will be have a hand in pretty much everything we see and hear at the church.  This will range from stage lighting, live streaming, projection, cameras, FOH work, setting up mics, stands, TVs, portable sound systems, etc., troubleshooting equipment (including staff computers), making sure video flow is efficient, and making recommendations for repair/replacement…

It’s a crucial position!

More on the department:

The Worship Arts and Technical Media department is a tightly-nit group of folks whose desires are to bring their best gifts to God and serve the church with excellence.  That may sound like a Christianese cliché, but it really does describe our group.  We love our church; we love our people; we love working here.  When you’ve been in the Ministry long enough, you start to appreciate the ebb and flow of “church work”, but also appreciate being a real space and a safe space, where people can say how they feel and work out issues (both life- and work-related) in a loving “deer camp/what happens in this room stays in this room” mentality.  Our department regularly meets to talk about upcoming events, and every so often, we’ll even have small group get-togethers at various members’ houses, just to get away from the brick and mortar and fill up the relational tanks around food and fire pits.  We’re family.  Both the Executive and Associate Director of Worship Arts & Technical Media (Methodists love their titles) have said this is the healthiest church they’ve served in, regarding both the congregation and staff.  SPOILER ALERT: Is it perfect?  Nope.  Does drama happen?  Yep.  That’s the inevitability of church work and working with, and serving, broken individuals.  But the rewards of this job far surpass the occasional hiccups.

We hope by reading this description, you’ll get a glimpse into our church and our department.

We look forward to meeting you!

Below, you’ll find the “official” job description (bear in mind that this is church work, and as such, your actual responsibilities will be a little more fluid):


Live Sound/Technical Media Engineer

The Live Sound/Technical Media Engineer is responsible for capturing the teaching and ministry life of Christ Church in a way that invites and inspires others to follow Jesus.  The Live Sound/Technical Media Engineer works with the teams who ensure that our worship, video, and web productions tell the stories of Jesus and Christ Church with focus and excellence.

Reports to: Associate & Executive Directors of Worship Arts and Technical Media
Hours: Full-time, 32+ hours per week

These duties are to include, but not limited to the following:

Baseline Qualifications
–       Exhibits a growing personal relationship with God and has a teachable spirit.
–       Committed to the vision and beliefs of Christ Church, as well as its worship and production ministries.
–       Has a personality that will comfortably work with a variety of staff members and volunteers.

Personal Qualifications
–       Has background expertise in audio and video production (including projectors, soundboards, graphic design, video/sound routing, audio processing/mastering, and computer systems).
–       Able to begin and work independently on projects, without being micromanaged.
–       Inspires and equips teams to support the ministries with their gifts.
–       IT accreditation, and/or excellent IT troubleshooting abilities are a plus.

Primary Responsibilities Overview
–       WORSHIP SERVICE FRONT-OF-HOUSE: Provide a quality mixed signal for live worship services, online campus services, concerts, classes, weddings, funerals, etc.
–       SHEPHERD: Leading in spiritual and technical excellence, maintaining a pipeline to recruit, train, deploy, and review the staff and volunteers who support the church in its technical needs.
–       ADMINISTRATOR: Managing systems to ensure excellence and efficiency in media and technical support ministries.

Primary Responsibilities Detail
PRODUCTION: Working with ministry to oversee production of worship services, providing insight and leadership, both aesthetically and technically.  Enhancing the message, by way of media technology, with the support of staff and volunteers.
–       SETS: Helping to design and build backdrops for worship that tie in with, and communicate, worship/sermon themes, and enhance the visual aspect of the service.
–       LIGHTS: Ensuring that lighting is aimed and executed to enhance engagement.  Creating tasteful lighting scenes for worship services and events (Lands Vista lighting software)
–       EQUIPMENT: Making sure the necessary equipment is set up for its respective service,
striking unneeded equipment from stage.   Periodically re-evaluate setup and make changes to streamline video/audio flow, in order to reduce latency and make system work more efficiently.
–       ARCHIVAL: The Horizons Service (9:45, Sunday morning), and other specified events are captured, archived, and made available to the public.

Measurement: Sunday morning production for services is vibrant, free of distractions and human error, and archive is up-to-date.

SHEPHERDING: Influencing and inspiring the church toward excellence in every technical production, while being team-oriented and able to thrive as the head of a large team of staff and volunteers for multiple worship services.  Provides leadership in both technical and spiritual areas.
–       RECRUIT: You will creatively engage, through multiple avenues, both the congregation and potential members, attracting them to the technical support ministry.
–       TRAIN: You will host regular opportunities apart from the live services that will serve as an opportunity to inspire, motivate, and provide necessary skills training.
–       DEPLOY: You will be expected to be in regular contact with your team regarding their availability, using Planning Center Online as your hub, and relationships as your capital.  You will retain responsibility for the quality of every technical aspect of ministry you delegate.
–       REVIEW: You will combine your experience of the services, review video from the weekend, and regular conversations with the Directors of Worship Arts and Technical Media to help them evaluate our productions, staff, and volunteers, regularly providing them with reinforcing and constructive feedback.

Measurement: Growing teams of competent volunteers who support our Sunday morning services.

ADMINISTRATION: Organized with strong interpersonal communication skills.  Ensures that technical needs are met with quality, promptness, and character.
–       AVAILABILITY: You will be on-call to contact by phone or email, unless on an approved vacation.  Response within a workday is required.
–       ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEMS: You will interact daily with facilities software to ensure needs are being properly communicated and prepared for.  It is your responsibility to see that ministries are making requests properly, to ensure your support.  You will manage the following systems with excellence:
o   ServiceU
o   FellowshipOne
o   IT HelpDesk
o   Planning Center Online
–       PRODUCTION CALENDAR: You will maintain a staff calendar of events needing your attention and support 6 months out.
–       MEETINGS: You will keep minimal necessary meetings
o   Weekly with the Directors of Worship Arts and Technical Media to plan for future events,       discuss needs, and troubleshoot problems.
o   Briefly meet with tech staff, so that next week’s responsibilities can be delegated.
o   Ad hoc meetings to discuss tech needs.
–       RECORDS: You will keep all tech support records for:
o   Labor – Document all tasks associated with regular and weekly events.
o   Inventory – Account for all technical equipment on campus.
o   Licensing – Ensure all appropriate licenses are held up-to-date
–       MAINTENANCE: You will be one of the primary stewards of technical equipment.
o   Advise on the state of our equipment.
o   Make recommendations for repairs and future purchases.
o   Oversee installation and use of equipment.
–       EFFICIENCY: You will constantly seek feedback and approval for works in progress and completed.

Measurement: Being available, whose calendar is accurate, requests are received efficiently and responded to promptly and personally, and all records are kept up-to-date.

Years of Experience: 2-5 years
Education Level: N/A
Ministry Size: 5001-7500
Church Affiliation: United Methodist Church (UMC)
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