It’s Not You…It’s Me

As ministry leaders, we rely heavily on volunteers to keep ministries running smoothly. And the thing that creates the most difficulties is when they just don’t show up. Suddenly you have to find replacements, adjust your plan, and operate in panic mode. And then you are angry with them for what they caused.

The next week they don’t show again, and then again. Eventually you try to contact them out of guilt, but aren’t surprised they don’t respond, and you let them go. Not your problem. You’re better off without them. At least that’s how it feels, and you move on.

I’ve encountered this with at least 3 people in the last 5 years. In each instance, they eventually came back to the church, and I made it a point to see how they were doing. The first was happy to announce they had met someone and were engaged. The second had gone through a divorce and was living with their parents. The third was newly married and expecting their first child.

After hearing each story, I felt terrible. I was too selfish about filling a volunteer position that I didn’t journey with them during these big events in their lives. I missed the point of ministry. And it wasn’t their fault, it was mine.

This is just a good reminder that people are the point of ministry. I know working with others has its difficulties, but it also has great rewards. It’s up to us to stay involved in our people’s lives so we can share those times together.


Written by Dr. Dave Feltman

Dave is on staff at Froot Group as a Search Coach. Dave brings 20+ years of worship leading experience and 7+ years of executive pastoring experience to the staffing team.

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