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    Sylvan Hills Christian Service Camp
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About Sylvan Hills Christian Service Camp

Sylvan Hills Christian Service Camp is located in the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania.  It is nestled in a little valley near the very quaint village of Marsh Creek.  The camp was founded in 1947 and is supported by 13 Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.  Sylvan Hills is in a beautiful rural setting that is 20 minutes from the beautiful Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir and Bald Eagle State Park, and 40 minutes from State College.  Currently we have four cabins that are used for Boys' dorms during the Summer.  We are planning to replace these with what will be called “The Children’s Center”.  We recently hired an architectural firm that has drawn up plans for the center.  One challenge of the new administrator will be promoting and marketing the camp in order to secure the financial funding to continue with this project.  A Development Team was recently formed to better position the camp for current and future growth and direction.