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About Quartzsite Alliance Church

Quartzsite is unique in many ways. In the summer time the temperature rises to upwards of 127 degrees; while the population falls to around 3,500 people. Only about 1000 of those are under the age of 65, with childcare and teens being less than 200. As the summer cools, the winter visitors and snowbirds start arriving, and by the end of January there can be over 500,000 people in our small little town. With nighttime temperatures down to the 20s.
Our church is small to medium size. In the summer, our attendance ranges from 50 to 100 people. In the winter time it can grow to almost 300. We rely on the winter visitors and snowbirds for the financial life of the church.
The teens of Quartzsite have an rural mindset. Many come from broken families. Living with just mom, or just dad, or grandma and grandpa. Many families come to Quartzsite as a last resort, seeing it more as the bottom of the economic scale.