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About New Covenant Church

We are a church that believes in living lives transformed by Jesus. We believe in reaching out to our community. We believe in serving our community. We are partners with many different outreach groups in our own community, and support multiple missionaries.

We believe our church is our family. We take care of one another. Many in Orlando are not from this area. They don't have extended family here. New Covenant believes that we are that family. We visit one another when we are sick, we carry each other's burdens, and we celebrate together.

We also believe in partnering with those all around the world who are spreading the Good News. We are partners in ministry with people all around Africa, in Asia, in Canada, India, the Caribbean and more. These relationships are a source of encouragement, friendship, accountability and provide opportunities for us to learn from other’s.

We have a dedicated staff and an active membership. We don’t believe in sitting on the sidelines of life and watching it happen. We believe in engaging with our community and each other, making a difference in people’s lives.

Come visit. All are welcome here.