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About Mission Chattanooga

Mission Chattanooga is a fellowship on mission to reveal Christ’s Kingdom by seeking intimacy with God, loving one another, and serving our city. The Mission Chattanooga ( is part of the Mission Abbey (

The Mission Abbey is an intentionally rooted, creative, diverse, and empowered communion of parishes, chapels, and works that seeks to love God and reveal His kingdom by stewarding His goodness, truth, and beauty in our neighborhoods, our city, and the world. The Mission Abbey has three parishes, including the Mission Chattanooga, Mission Red Bank, and Mission Cleveland. While each of our three Parishes maintain their own staff and senior pastors, the Abbey provides spiritual oversight, guidance, and support in order for each Parish to focus on mission and the work of ministry. The Mission Abbey ecosystem also includes a university ministry, the Street Chapel (serving homeless), The Camp House (part of the Mission Chattanooga Parish), The Meeting House (part of Mission Red Bank Parish), Mission Cincinnati, and the Mission School of Ministry.

The Mission Abbey is a part of the Anglican Church. If you don't know what an Anglican is... that's OK! Many of the staff members of our church didn't know anything about this tradition before coming here. Anglicanism is actually the third largest Christian tradition worldwide (After the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions), involving more than 90 million people. With roots emerging as far back as the first or second centuries in the Celtic Isles, this British expression is also one of the oldest Christian traditions. From the seventh through the fifteenth centuries, the English Church came under the authority of the Church of Rome (Roman Catholicism). In the fourteenth century, many of the most influential English clergymen began questioning some of the newer theological positions and decisions of the Roman Church. Then, in the sixteenth century, English clergymen opted to utilize a political rift between the Pope in Rome and the King of England as a means to establish independence for the Church of England. So, in 1534 the Anglican Church was formally born. While some Anglican churches feel quite formal, the Mission is more in the "low church" tradition. Our services combine historic liturgy with modern musical expression. Anglicans you may know: C.S. Lewis, J.I. Packer