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About Ginger Creek Community Church

Ginger Creek Community Church began just over 30 years ago as a vision of a group of young Christ followers living in the western suburbs who were disenfranchised by the local church. That youth group grew to almost epic proportions in a very short time, but with no connections to an established local church to call home, they felt led to begin a church for others like them who didn’t like church.
In 2002, Ginger Creek moved out of temporary meeting spaces in the affluent western suburbs of Chicago into to our current campus in Aurora, IL. We soon recognized the unique opportunity our context presents, as our church campus is located right on the border between one of the most affluent communities and one of the most under-resourced communities in Chicagoland. We discovered that this calling to relocate to Aurora would mean helping to bring justice to broken systems while working to restore relationships in a community torn apart by joblessness, racial divides, homelessness, food insecurity, and an under-resourced education system.
Ginger Creek is all about living out our passion for God and compassion for people. We embrace the mission to express the Gospel in our unique setting. Senior Pastor Kevin Pruitt came to Ginger Creek in 2013. In 2016, GC invited Ken Breece into the Executive Pastor Role and recently promoted Israel Ruiz into the role of Worship and Production Director. This is an exciting time to join the expanding Worship Ministry at Ginger Creek, as we are making a significant investment in production and media to enhance the impact of our weekend services, while adding new personnel. In addition to the many volunteers who make the worship ministry run at GC, there is a 4-person team of paid professionals including a Music Director, Band Director, Administrative Coordinator and a Director of Worship, Media and Production that is expanding to add a fifth needed role: Worship Leader.
The Worship Leader will serve as the primary facilitator and vocalist for the weekend worship services. Additionally, this role will direct the vocal team, helping blend lead and support vocals together. Other areas of service will be based on the strengths, gifts and interests of the selected candidate. A candidate with a passion for and experience in collegiate ministry would be especially helpful to the Ginger Creek team.

The weekends at Ginger Creek Community Church are designed with the whole family in mind and include contemporary worship, a time of biblical teaching, and separate worship/teaching experiences for children. When you come to Ginger Creek you will quickly find a warm, friendly group of people committed to making church exciting, life- changing, and enjoyable. Ginger Creek believes in harnessing the power of the senses, using tools like music, media and a powerful Biblically based message to present the core truths of the Christian faith in a way that intersects with everyday life. At Ginger Creek, you’ll discover that the Gospel is relevant and exciting, and speaks to whatever concerns you today. Weekend Services are an upbeat time of celebration and sincere worship. Dress is casual.

Aurora is located in the Chicago suburbs and is officially the second largest city in the state of Illinois. The city is divided into three regions, The West Side, located on the west side of the Fox River, The East Side, located between the eastern bank of the fox river and the Kane/DuPage County line, and the Far East Side/Fox Valley, which is from the County Line to the city's eastern border with Naperville.
Each of these regions are starkly different from each other, and a wide range of diversity exists within the city limits. Featuring impressive architecture, spacious parks and Aurora University, The West Side is home to many different middle class communities. The far East Side is more similar to neighborhoods in Naperville, with upscale shopping and schools that are tops in the state. However, in contrast with these two regions, East Aurora is where our heart beats. Of the most significant problems that Aurora is facing, most are localized in East Aurora. Poverty, homelessness, and underfunded schools are just some of the issues which we are passionately confronting, with the help of groups like Boys and Girls Clubs, Wayside Cross and many more. But despite the challenges, there are many people seeking to make a difference, not just in our community, but around the world. World Relief, a non-profit that helps refugees start over in a new community, has offices in Aurora; as well as Endiro Coffee, a coffee shop committed to ending child vulnerability in Uganda.
This is a snapshot of a community that cares, a community that needs Jesus, and a community where you can make a difference.