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About Clarksburg Community Church

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Our mission of the Clarksburg Community Church is to serve God and the community by following Christ’s teachings and extending His Love to all.

We hold these beliefs to be sacred:

We are Christians who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the Bible as the word of God.
We are a Protestant church which follows Jesus’ teaching to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself.”
We are men, women, and children who seek to live out our faith in Jesus Christ with worship and music, prayer and Bible study, community service and mission support.
Our vision is to be a thriving church, creating devoted disciples of Jesus, welcoming and impacting the surrounding community and providing worship space for all ages.

The Clarksburg Community Church (CCC) is a Protestant church located in Clarksburg, near Sacramento, California that exists to serve our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Our church was formed in 1926 by a small group of early farmers representing several denominations. Their goal was to create a community church in which all people could feel welcome and comfortably worship our Savior, Jesus Christ, together. Today, we continue to embody this philosophy.

As is described in this Church Profile, CCC is a traditional small-town community church. Yet its proximity to the state capital provides the convenience of a big city’s resources (major airport, shopping, world-class medical care, etc.) without many of the negatives (crime, high taxes, political turmoil, etc.) that come with a massive population. The population of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area is over two million residents. The major employer in the Sacramento region is the state government and entities that provide support to its functioning. Clarksburg is nestled just south of the metropolitan area along the Sacramento River. Clarksburg is twenty minutes travel time from the state capitol in downtown Sacramento. However, after crossing the Freeport Bridge and entering Yolo County, the trip along the tree-lined Sacramento River levee road seems to transport you from the busy traffic and rush of the city to the tranquility of an agrarian-based community. In fact, the major employer in Clarksburg is farming.

Central to this village is the CCC. There is a stable core within its congregation that is descended from many of the families that first organized the church over 90 years ago. Pastor Montzingo is evidence of CCC’s stability, having served the Lord, Jesus Christ, the congregation and community for over thirty years. CCC is an active church as outlined in this profile, and one of the congregation’s strengths is the high level of initiative demonstrated by members. Just a couple of examples of this are both the men’s Saturday 6:30 A.M Bible study and the volunteer support provided to the Union Gospel Mission downtown. Both of these ministries were initiated and are currently run by laypersons who saw a need and organized the programs. In fact, many of the church’s ministries were begun by laypersons stepping up to serve others.

Our congregation has learned through the decades that it is our responsibility to support the mission of spreading the Good News of salvation through Our Savior’s shed blood on the cross and to be the instruments of God’s plans for our community. It would be very difficult to find any member who feels it is solely the pastor’s job to run the church. CCC members expect a lot from their pastor, but they expect even more from themselves. Leadership at CCC stresses that the “community” in its name means members must carry their load and not expect the pastor to do it all.

CCC is a strong church. In 2018, we came together and produced a long-range strategic plan to organize our efforts in serving the Lord. But CCC is not a perfect church. We seek a pastor who recognizes our strengths and is excited to work with us as we accomplish the vision the Lord has shared for our effectiveness. We view the future as a challenge to grow in all areas. We are happy with our progress but not satisfied and complacent. God’s work in Clarksburg must continue to advance and we see the opportunity to do more. We know God will answer our prayers and send the pastor we seek.