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About Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church

Chestnut Level was a church before American was a nation. Consider therefore, what this congregation has been witness to, and has participated in, across the years. It endured the early stages of colonization in a forest wilderness. It passed through oppression, depression, revolution, panic and more wars that we want to count. In the course of time it saw a few English colonies, scattered along the eastern sea board, developed into a great and independent nation. It had a part in the beginning and development of representative government. It hailed the Declaration of Independence, helped ratify the Constitution, and welcomed George Washington as the first President. It witnessed the rise of political parties, abolition of slavery, and the coming of the New Deal. Then came the nuclear age, the establishment of the U.N., and the election of John F. Kennedy as President. Our church watched as a man first walked on the moon. Witnessed also was the tragedy of the Challenger, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. We have accepted the modern conveniences brought to us by the age of technology. We stood strong with our nation through the tragic events of 9/11. Yes, 300 years from our founding, much has changed in the church and the world. But, through it all, during good times and bad, Chestnut Level has maintained a Christian witness in that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been preached faithfully for three centuries.